Currently, there is a survey running on the future alignment of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. It basically boils down to the question how Jakarta EE should consume MicroProfile specifications (such as MP Config). A summary of the possible options is provided in Reza Rahman’s blog.

I encourage everyone interested in these projects to take part in the survey. I did (voting for Option A1), and provided the following explanation:

Developers usually don’t care very much about the package names they import, so Option A1 is viable. Option A2 would look nicer & more consistent, but lead to additional migration costs (hardly worth it).

Option B sounds scary & complex because of stronger coupling between Jakarta & MP (and circular dependencies).

Option C should be a no-go (duplication is the worst thing that could happen).

It would be nice to have a central, official statement & comparison of the guarantees that Jakarta and MP make (with regard to prod readiness, backwards compat, and release cadence). This could address possible confusion with regard to prod readiness of MP.

In the long run, I would prefer Jakarta & MP to completely merge under a common umbrella spec (as mentioned in my short blog article). Then we would not even have the need to decide whether / when / how specs should move from MP to Jakarta.

Both projects are just great, and strongly benefit from each other.