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My name is Nenad Jovanovic (“Enji”), and I am a freelancing Java / Spring / Jakarta EE / Eclipse MicroProfile developer, architect and consultant.

Availability: Currently not available.



  • Analyzing problems and requirements.
  • Designing software and systems architectures.
  • Implementing solutions with focus on Java EE / Jakarta EE / Eclipse MicroProfile.
  • Performing trainings, workshops, and code reviews.


  • Performing technology evaluations.
  • Performing technology updates and migrations.
  • Providing the technological framework for application development.
  • Defining guidelines for development and architecture.
  • Performing code reviews.
  • Creating and reviewing documentation.
  • Identifying and continuously communicating with stakeholders.
  • Participating in interdisciplinary teams.


  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Automation
  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency

In other words: good - fast - understandable.


Date Role Employer
2021/08 - today Freelance IT Consultant Freelancer
2008/05 - 2021/08 Java Developer / Software Architect / Enterprise Architect SVC
2007/08 - 2008/05 Civilian Service Bundesasylamt Traiskirchen
2005/08 - 2007/08 Project Assistant (Web Application Security) Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Information Systems


Date School Program
2004 - 2007 Vienna University of Technology Economics and Computer Science (Dr.rer.soc.oec.)
2000 - 2004 Vienna University of Technology Economics and Computer Science (Mag.rer.soc.oec.)


Date Title Description
2022/05 - 2023/11 Insurance Platform Authorization System Analysis and implementation of the authorization system (and other features) for an online insurance sales platform of Generali Versicherung AG.
2021/08 - 2022/05 Migration to Magnolia CMS Migration of an existing web portal to Magnolia CMS (Solution Architect & Business Analyst).
2017/04 - 2021/08 Centralization of Distributed Client Applications Porting of multiple applications (up to 15 years old and distributed to more than 10.000 client computers) to a central server system using Java EE.
2020/08 - 2020/09 Jareto: Java REST Tools Support library for the development of REST applications (Open Source). Also described by an article in Oracle’s Java Magazine.
2016/04 - 2017/05 Batches to the Application Server Porting of stand-alone batch applications to Java EE for operation inside application servers.
2016/03 - 2017/05 Spring to Java EE Modernization and simplification of multiple Spring/Hibernate-based applications to Java EE.
2014/07 - 2015/11 e-Medication Design and implementation of a backend system for storage and provision of medication data in the context of the Austrian Electronic Health Record (ELGA).
2013/05 - 2013/12 ELGA Portal Design and implementation of a web portal for querying e-health data and performing opt-out declarations by citizens in the context of the Austrian Electronic Health Record (ELGA).
2011/08 - 2013/05 Jetty to Java EE Porting of multiple OSGi/Axis/Tapestry/Jetty-based applications to Java EE for operation inside application servers.

Exams and Certifications

Date Title
2021/10 iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture
2020/10 TOGAF 9 Foundation
2012/01 Oracle Certified Expert, EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer
2011/05 Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 5 Web Component Developer
2008/12 Sun Certified Programmer for the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6
2007/10 Dissertation / Doctoral Program
2004/10 Diploma Thesis / Master Program
2000/06 Secondary School Final Exams


The following training courses can be held on request, either in-house or remote.

Git Kickstarter

  • duration: 1 day
  • Git concepts & use cases
  • usage via command line
  • usage via Eclipse (EGit)
  • for beginners & users of other version control systems (such as SVN)


Subscription-free PDF versions of the scientific publications below can be found using Google Scholar.

Date Title Published by Authors
2021/05 Make Java REST development easier with the Jareto library Java Magazine (Oracle) Nenad Jovanovic
2010/08 Static Analysis for Detecting Taint-Style Vulnerabilities in Web Applications Journal of Computer Security Nenad Jovanovic, Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda
2007/10 Web Application Security (Dissertation) Vienna University of Technology Nenad Jovanovic
2007/02 Cross Site Scripting Prevention with Dynamic Data Tainting and Static Analysis Network and Distributed System Security Symposium Philipp Vogt, Florian Nentwich, Nenad Jovanovic, Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda, Giovanni Vigna
2006/08 Preventing Cross Site Request Forgery Attacks IEEE International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks Nenad Jovanovic, Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel
2006/06 Precise Alias Analysis for Static Detection of Web Application Vulnerabilities ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Programming Languages and Analysis for Security Nenad Jovanovic, Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda
2006/05 Pixy: A Static Analysis Tool for Detecting Web Application Vulnerabilities (Short Paper) IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy Nenad Jovanovic, Christopher Kruegel, Engin Kirda
2006/05 SecuBat: A Web Vulnerability Scanner The 15th International World Wide Web Conference Stefan Kals, Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel, Nenad Jovanovic
2006/04 Noxes: A Client­Side Solution for Mitigating Cross Site Scripting Attacks The 21st ACM Symposium on Applied Computing Engin Kirda, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna, Nenad Jovanovic
2004/10 Diploma Thesis, only available in German:

Entwicklung eines webbasierten Institutsinformationssystems (unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Websicherheit)

Development of a Web-Based Departmental Information System (with special regard to Web Security)
Vienna University of Technology Nenad Jovanovic

Besides, I am continuosly extending my GitHub account, mostly with various tech demos.


Language Level
German production-ready (native)
English production-ready
Serbian family
French secondary school
Japanese basic (hobby)

Tools & Technologies

Here are a few keywords covering some of the tools and technologies that I usually work with:

Java Spring Java / Jakarta Enterprise Edition Eclipse MicroProfile SQL JavaScript / TypeScript Angular


Git GitHub Subversion

Maven Jenkins Docker

Jekyll AWS

JIRA Confluence Trac Grafana Splunk SoapUI Eclipse IDE


JBoss EAP / Wildfly Tomcat

Linux Windows