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The internet hosts a huge number of excellent tutorials, articles, and videos that can teach you various aspects of programming. But this material is of limited use if you can’t look at it for whatever reason. For instance, you might want to learn about coding while you are doing housework, or jogging in the park. The podcast “Listen, Learn, and Code” tries to fill this gap by providing audio tutorials on coding topics, beginning with the TypeScript programming language. What can you expect from this podcast?

  • no interviews, chats, or discussions
  • no in-episode sponsorship commercials
  • just pure information on programming
  • clear, not-too-fast English (as to be understandable also for non-native speakers)
  • short episodes (suitable for in-between knowledge snacks)

Since it is impossible to transport larger programs via audio, this podcast relies on crisp, short code snippets that focus on the essence of the topic at hand. This way, you can learn the syntax and the basic building blocks just by listening, and apply them later in the context of larger projects.

To follow this podcast, you should have some basic programming knowledge (such as variables, functions, and loops). For the episodes related to TypeScript, prior experience with JavaScript is helpful, but not required.

Episode Transcripts

Character Names

Character Name
, comma
. dot
= equals / is
- dash / minus
single quote
double quote
: colon
; semicolon
( open bracket
) close bracket
{ open curly (bracket)
} close curly (bracket)
[ open square (bracket)
] close square (bracket)
< open angle (bracket)
> close angle (bracket)
/ slash
\ backslash


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Outro music: “Something Elated” by Broke For Free (on FMA)

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